NEW! Alter Payment Card Program

Now Alter gives you a choice of payment when you bring in your metal.
Choose a check or the new Alter Visa® Payment Card — Alter's payment card program.

Use it wherever Visa® debit cards are accepted, anywhere in the United States.

It's fast. No need to stand in line to cash or deposit a check.
Your funds are ready to spend the moment your card is loaded with payment.

It's easy. Use it to get cash at ATMs worldwide.

It's instant. The Alter Visa® Payment Card is not a credit card —
no credit approval or bank account needed.

The Alter Visa® Payment Card will be available at most Alter Metal Recycling locations over the next few months. You can still choose to be paid with a check, but next time you can also ask for the Alter Visa® Payment Card — Alter's new payment card program.

Next time ask for the Alter Visa® Payment Card - Alter's new payment card program.

To view frequently asked questions, choose your card type by clicking below:

Reloadable Alter Visa® Payment Card FAQ's

  1. Is Alter's Card a credit card? No. The Card is a debit card used to load your payment for materials purchased.

  2. Does my credit rating determine whether or not I can qualify for a Card? No. There is no credit application required since this card represents a payment to you for materials purchased.

  3. Can I be turned down for a Card? Yes. Federal, State or Local Laws may limit who can receive a card for reasons such as lack of proper Identifications, no permanent address or for materials where federal, state or local laws require payment via a check.

  4. Will I receive a PIN number? Yes. A PIN number is issued to you at the scale when you select the Pay Card the first time. A new PIN will not be needed until a card expires or is replaced due to lost or stolen cards. For your safety, Do not keep your PIN with your Card.

  5. Can I change the PIN that is assigned to my Card? YES. You can contact Swift Customer service at 1-866-230-3809.

  6. What if I lose my Card and someone takes my money - what do I do? Call Program Headquarters (not Alter Metal Recycling) immediately at 1-866-230-3809 to report your Card as lost or stolen. A replacement Card will be sent to you. You will be required to review transactions on the Card at In the event there are transactions that you did not make, Customer Service will assist you in completing and submitting the appropriate paperwork that will be required. Never keep your PIN information with your Card. Never share your card or your PIN # with anyone. If your Card is lost and the PIN is with the Card or was shared and a withdrawal is made, the withdrawal will not be reimbursed.

  7. Is there a fee to replace my Card if it's lost or stolen? Yes, there is a $10 replacement fee.

  8. What information is required from me in replace a lost or stolen card? Name, address, phone number, tax ID number, and date of birth for individuals.

  9. Are there any transaction fees associated with the Alter cash card program? Certain fees are charged by the bank issuing the card. Alter Metal Recycling is not earning any fees from you in connection with the Card program or from any ATM installed on Alter's premises. All fees associated to your transactions are bank fees. A summary of fees you might incur are as follows:

    1. A $2 bank fee is charged if you withdraw funds from any ATM using your Card.
    2. No additional fees over this $2 fee apply when you withdraw funds from an ATM located at your local Alter Metal Recycling facility. An additional fee may be charged if you perform an ATM withdrawal with your Card at an ATM that is not located on Alter's premises. (ATM fees vary at the discretion of whoever owns the ATM).
    3. A $0.75 bank fee charged for each ATM transaction regardless of the reason for failure. Alter recommends that you check your Card balance for free anytime via a website or by calling 866-230-3809 . This website and phone number appear on the back of your Card.

  10. What's the difference between using the ATM at the Alter yard and any other bank ATM? As mentioned above, a $2 bank fee applies each time you withdraw funds from any ATM. No additional fees apply for withdrawals of funds from your Card using an ATM located at your local Alter Metal Recycling facility. An additional fee is usually charged by ATM owners (but not by Alter). Such additional fees are usually required to be posted on a sticker affixed to each ATM. So beware of additional fees if you perform an ATM withdrawal at an ATM that is not located on Alter's premises!

  11. Can I use my Swift Pay Card when traveling outside of the US? No. This is a domestic Pay Card and cannot be used outside of the United States.

  12. How do I activate my reloadable Card? Activation occurs at the Scale as part of the issuance process. Once issued the card can be reloaded multiple times.

  13. How can I use the funds on my Card without incurring fees? Because the Card is accepted anywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted, you can use it just like cash - therefore, there really is no need to convert it into cash. No fees apply when you make purchases with your Card. The only fees are for ATM withdrawals, inquiries, or declined ATM transactions.

  14. Do I need to present my reloadable Card each time I transact at Alter? At the present time, you will need to present your card each time you use it.

  15. Can I use this Card for online purchases? Yes. You will need to complete the PROFILE portion of your card information on the website.

  16. We drop scrap off at several Alter yards, will all yards load onto my reloadable Card? The Swift Pay card can be used at any participating Alter location.

  17. My company has many drivers that drop scrap off at various Alter yards; can I obtain separate Cards for each driver? At the present time, No. We are currently working with the Pay Card processor to eventually allow cards for each driver but it is still a way off at this time.

  18. If I have Alter pay my drivers on these Cards, how do I monitor activity on my driver's Cards? Once this option becomes available you will have access to view activity on the cards via the website.

  19. How is this Card better than cash or a check? Unlike delays in funds availability, which could be encountered with checks, funds loaded onto a reloadable Card are IMMEDIATELY available for spending. And, since you're not carrying cash, it is also safer.

  20. What if I want to get cash from the on-site Alter ATM and then use the remaining balance at local merchants - can I do that? Yes. You can use your Card however you want, whenever you want, as long as you have sufficient funds available on it.

  21. When will my Card expire? The Card will expire 24 months after the issuance of the Card. For the specific date, please refer to the face of the Card. Or, you can simply have a new card issued at the scale the next time you visit an Alter location. Any balance on your old card can be transferred to your new card for a fee of $10.

  22. How do I obtain a Card? Cards are issued at the cashier station at your local Alter Metal Recycling facility when you bring in material. At the time you are being paid you will be offered the opportunity to be paid by check or pay card. If you choose Pay Card and you currently do not have one, it will be issued at that time.

  23. Can I get a Card immediately on-site, or do I have to wait for my Card to be mailed? Cards are issued on-site at your local Alter Recycling facility.

  24. Is there a minimum or maximum balance? The minimum amount that can be loaded onto a Card is $1. The maximum allowable balance on the reloadable Card may not exceed $75,000. (Any transactions for additional value-loads that would result in a total available Card balance > $75,000 will be rejected).

  25. Are there any spending restrictions on the reloadable Card? The maximum amount that can be purchased at a single merchant, in a single day, in a single transaction is $5,000 (or the remaining balance on the Card, whichever is less). Other than the remaining balance on the Card and possible transaction fees, there is no limit on the number of purchase transactions, or the number of merchants from whom purchases can be made, in a single day or otherwise. Your Card is accepted anywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted.

  26. Will I receive monthly statements? All statement information is available online. To view your balance and transaction history at any time, please go to This is a free service. Monthly statements will not be mailed to you.

  27. What happens after I use all of the funds on the Card? Additional funds can be loaded to your Card the next time you sell scrap metal to Alter Metal Recycling. Do not destroy your reloadable Card once the funds have been used.

Alter Visa® Prepaid Card is issued by Bancorp Bank pursuant to a license from Visa® U.S.A. Inc.
Card can be used at any merchants that accept Visa® debit cards.